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Watch out for Google Authenticator Codes being stolen

Escobar malware steals Google Authenticator multi-factor authentication codes, and this malware is the remake of the Aberebot Android banking trojan. This new version of Aberebot Android banking trojan has been detected with a name and icon similar to the legitimate anti-virus app McAfee, and it enables its operators to perform the following tasks:– Using VNC take […]

Malware Password Management Security Single Sign-On
Passwordless requires a key

Single Sign-On based on Microsoft AD FS server targeted with malware

Microsoft revealed new malware capable of transmitting sensitive information from a compromised AD FS server as well as receive and execute additional malicious payloads retrieved from a remote attacker-controlled server. This malware can also monitor all incoming HTTP GET and POST requests sent to the server from the intranet (or internet) and intercept HTTP requests […]

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Hackers leak passwords for 500,000 Fortinet VPN accounts

A hacker released almost 500,000 Fortinet VPN login names and passwords that were allegedly scraped from exploitable devices last summer. While many appliances with the exploited Fortinet vulnerability have since been patched, many VPN credentials seem still to be valid. With these VPN credentials access to a network can be gained to perform data exfiltration, install […]