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ChatGPT back in Italy…

ChatGPT back in Italy after order. ChatGPT, sent a letter to the Italian SA describing the measures it implemented in order to comply with the order issued by the SA on 11 April. OpenAI:– explained what personal data it uses for training of algorithms;– explaned privacy notice accessible in sign up;– granted all individuals in […]

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AI Dilemma

The AI Dilemma

OpenAI’s is the latest large language model (LLM) release. GPT-4 surpasses its predecessor in terms of reliability, creativity, and ability to process intricate instructions. It can handle more nuanced prompts compared to previous releases, and is multimodal, meaning it was trained on both images and text. We don’t yet understand its capabilities – yet it […]

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Bing gets search results from Edge

Bing gets search results from Edge

Microsoft Edge browser has a privacy issue that can lead to URL leaks. Bing gets search results from Edge. This issue arises due to the “search suggestions” feature in Edge, which suggests URLs as users type. These suggested URLs are fetched from Bing, Microsoft’s search engine. However, the URLs are fetched even before the user […]

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Security implications of ChatGPT

ChatGPT is an advanced tool that can generate meaningful results with minimal user expertise, but what are the security implications of ChatGPT? The quality of ChatGPT’s output depends on factors such as specificity, clarity, and context. Users must understand ChatGPT’s capabilities and limitations and evaluate its output critically. Effective utilization of ChatGPT involves prompt engineering […]

CISA Zero Trust
Zero Trust Architecture CISA (ZTMM)

How far are you with your Zero Trust Architecture?

CISA updated the Zero Trust Maturity Model (ZTMM) which provides a roadmap for agencies to reference as they transition towards a zero-trust architecture. ZTMM also provides a gradient of implementation across five distinct pillars to facilitate federal implementation, allowing agencies to make minor advancements toward optimization over time.CISA encourages state, local, tribal, and territorial governments, and […]