Data Breach

Dutch DPA: Data breaches more than doubled in 2018

In 2018, about 21,000 data leaks were reported to the AP. More than double compared to 2017, when it was still 10,000 reported data leaks. The regulator will expand the capacity as this exceeds the predetermined estimate. Most of the data breaches reported, 63 percent, concerned personal data sent to the wrong recipient. This concerns, for example, postal items with sensitive data that reach the wrong person and are returned open. It also concerns emails with sensitive personal data that are sent to the wrong recipient. For example, due to a typing error or because the wrong recipient is selected in the e-mail program. The other 27 percent consists of lost personal data due to, for example, a lost or stolen laptop or USB stick, hacking, phishing or malware, accidentally publishing personal data or showing the wrong personal data in a customer portal. 

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