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SMEs are struggling with the GDPR

SMB entrepreneurs are still struggling enormously with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). That says the ONL business organization, which receives signals that many small businesses do not know how to comply with privacy regulations. Reports of controls around GDPR obligations and fines are causing growing concern among businesses. “Privacy regulations are incredibly complex and many small businesses have underestimated the impact of the GDPR,” says ONL foreman Hans Biesheuvel. “These entrepreneurs were not thought of when developing the AVG and they now have a problem”. To support entrepreneurs in this, ONL comes with a series of short practical and free  videos. It simply explains what the GDPR entails, what the obligations are and how entrepreneurs can comply with the legislation. Privacy legislation is very complex and filled with complicated concepts. This means that many entrepreneurs do not know what to do in concrete terms. Failure to comply can lead to huge fines. In order to provide SME entrepreneurs with tools, ONL explains in a  video series where the GDPR comes from, what the key concepts are and practical tips are given about dealing with personal data and privacy. Entrepreneurs continue to struggle with the obligations under the GDPR. Google and Facebook are already struggling to comply, let alone how difficult the newsletter from the baker around the corner or the customer base of a furniture maker. We want to help entrepreneurs to deal with these complex obligations, “says Hans Biesheuvel, ONL for Entrepreneurs . The free information videos entitled” Simple explanation of GDPR for entrepreneurs,  parts 1 and 2 “can be found on Youtube. Hans Kortekaas, director of AVG Management thinks it is important that organizations that are still struggling with a lack of knowledge about this law can still prepare themselves practically for this privacy and cyber security problem. AVG Management has therefore decided with ONL to use this  video series what exactly the GDPR entails, what it means and what needs to be done next to handle personal data safely and responsibly.