Hack Multifactor Authentication Password Management Security

Authentication provider Okta or customer(s) hacked?

A group of attackers calling themselves Lapsus$, and previously responsible for attacks on chip giant NVIDIA, Portuguese media giant Impresa and the Brazilian Ministry of Health, posted screenshots on their Telegram channel showing that they have access to Okta systems. Okta offers solutions for identity and access management. “More than 15,000 global brands entrust Okta […]

Hack Multifactor Authentication Password Management
biometric data

Hacking fingerprint recognition for 5$

Biometric authentication techniques have gained momentum over the past few years due to the inherent vulnerability of PINs, passwords, and other similar verification methods. With that said, researchers have shared how a simple fingerprint hacking technique can render biometric authentication useless as a verification method for around 5$. Steps:1. Grab a photograph of someone’s fingerprint […]

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Hackers leak passwords for 500,000 Fortinet VPN accounts

A hacker released almost 500,000 Fortinet VPN login names and passwords that were allegedly scraped from exploitable devices last summer. While many appliances with the exploited Fortinet vulnerability have since been patched, many VPN credentials seem still to be valid. With these VPN credentials access to a network can be gained to perform data exfiltration, install […]

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How T-Mobile, with of 40 million users affected by the databreach, was hacked?

According to the CEO the bad actor leveraged their knowledge of technical systems, along with specialized tools and capabilities, to gain access to our testing environments and then used brute force attacks and other methods to make their way into other IT servers that included customer data.”Compromised information includes customer names, addresses, Social Security numbers […]

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