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Criminals hijack 1.1 million accounts via reused passwords

Criminals have managed to hijack 1.1 million accounts at 17 companies by means of reused passwords, says New York Attorney General Letitia James. According to James, the accounts could be taken over through credential stuffing attacks. Credential stuffing uses previously leaked email addresses and passwords to gain automated access to accounts. Attackers check whether they […]

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Hacking fingerprint recognition for 5$

Biometric authentication techniques have gained momentum over the past few years due to the inherent vulnerability of PINs, passwords, and other similar verification methods. With that said, researchers have shared how a simple fingerprint hacking technique can render biometric authentication useless as a verification method for around 5$. Steps:1. Grab a photograph of someone’s fingerprint […]

Multifactor Authentication Password Management

Will you lose control in the passwordless future?

Microsoft announced last week that users can now log in to their accounts without a password, partly because passwords are vulnerable, but it is precisely Microsoft that has broken passwords, says Kyle Rankin, chief security officer (cso) of computer and smartphone manufacturer Purism. Rankin argues that Microsoft’s poor password policies for Active Directory caused users […]

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Zerotrust: what is it about?

The Zero Trust approach means nothing inside or outside the company perimeter should be trusted. As a result, every user has to authenticate themselves and their identity with every login every time before they are granted access to company resources, applications and data. Components are: Multifactor authentication,IAM (identity and access management), Orchestration, AnalyticsEncryption, Scoring, File […]

Multifactor Authentication Password management Security

Politicans required strong password on Twitter

To protect accounts related to the US presidential election, Twitter will require a strong password for these accounts. These users are also recommended to set up two-factor authentication. The microblogging service has announced this on its own website. In this way, Twitter wants to protect so-called “high-profile accounts” during the upcoming presidential elections. These include […]