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5 Chrome Extensions with 14 million installs steal track users’ browsing activity

All five extensions discovered by McAfee behave with the web app manifest (“manifest.json” file), which dictates how the extension should behave on the system, loads a multifunctional script (B0.js) that sends the browsing data to a domain the attackers control (“langhort[.]com”).The data is delivered through via POST requests each time the user visits a new URL. The info reaching […]

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Is Oracle surveilling 5 billion people?

Oracle is an important part of the tracking and data industry. It has claimed to have amassed detailed dossiers on 5 billion people, and generates $42.4 billion in annual revenue. Oracle’s dossiers about people include names, home addresses, emails, purchases online and in the real world, physical movements in the real world, income, interests and […]


In-app browser of social media is spying on you

iOS Apps that have their own In-App Browser, but what does it do with your privacy? Does the app: – provide a button to open the currently shown link in the default browser?– inject JavaScript code into third party websites to modify its content? This includes adding tracking code (like inputs, text selections, taps, etc.), […]

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The coming Biometrics nightmare

African governments, large corporates, and tech entrepreneurs have embraced the West’s vision of a universal identity system. With support from the World Bank’s Identification for Development (ID4D) programme, governments across Africa have foisted elaborate and expensive biometric ID schemes on citizens and residents with little pushback from civil society. Both the World Bank and digital […]

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EU Courts’ ruling requires to protect data that indirectly relates to sensitive information

Companies will be under increased pressure after Europe’s top court ruled they must apply special protections to data that firms previously didn’t consider sensitive such as health, religion, political views and sexual orientation. The European Court of Justice on Aug. 1 determined that public officials in Lithuania had their sensitive data revealed because their spouses’ […]


Amazon starts mapping your house

Amazon bought for $1.7 billion iRobot company with the smart vaccuum cleaner Roomba to get inside into your house. What else might be from Amazon in your house:– Echo smart speakers estimated 9.9 million units sold;– Video doorbell Ring which was bought for $1 billion;– Smart Camera Blink;– wi-fi company Eero. What can your derive […]