Study on Privacy Risks of the Metaverse

This study by Vivek Nair, Dwan Song (both of UC Berkeley) and Gonzalo Munilla Garrido (Technical University of Munich) sheds a light on the unprecedented privacy risks of the metaverse by showing how VR can be turned against its users and provides the first holistic framework for understanding intrusive data harvesting attacks in these emerging […]

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Metaverse and privacy

The use of the metaverse can be very intrusive as the set of data processed in this environment increases exponentially. Any virtual environment is by design fully data-enabled and allows for a broader spectrum of information related to human activities to be processed. In particular, it may involve new categories of data with greater granularity and precision. For […]

GDPR Privacy

Selfie scraping Clearview AI €20 Million fine in Greece

The Hellenic data protection authority has fined the controversial facial recognition firm Clearview AI with €20 million and banned it from collecting and processing the personal data of people living in Greece. Also already collected data should be deleted. The business model of Clearview AI is scraping selfies off the internet to build an algorithmic […]