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8 recommendations for working from home safely.

Safe working from home not under control? Then follow the following 8 recommendations to work from home safely: Set up two-factor authentication for administrators. Set up two-factor authentication for regular users. Avoid using administration rights with normal users. Record what users do within your environment. Set ‘alerts’ to receive notifications about strange activities. Know the […]

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Facebook sued for violating privacy

The Consumers’ Association and the Data Privacy Foundation “Data Privacy Stichting (DPS)”. Have joined forces to force Facebook to pay compensation via a subpoena. The Consumers’ Association calls on consumers to join the campaign. Facebook is accused of collecting private data from its users and their Facebook friends for years and making this data accessible […]

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Government email archiving is mandatory in 2021

The Multi-year Plan for Improving Central Government Information Management prescribes that all government organizations must implement a method of e-mail archiving by 2021, whereby this applies in In principle, all e-mail from officials is kept for a period of ten years. After that period, the e-mails are either destroyed or transferred to the National Archives. […]


94% of the Dutch are concerned about privacy

In 2019, the Dutch Data Protection Authority placed more focus on enforcing the privacy law, which can be seen in the 2019 annual overview. A number of the milestones listed here are: 110 researches, compared to 20 in 2018; 4 fines in total over 2.5 million euros; 28,000 privacy complaints, involving 2,000 interventions; 94% of […]

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Tips to prevent VPN vulnerabilities

Tips from the Digital Trust Center to avoid vulnerabilities:– run the security updates;– check the internal logging for traces of abuse;– analysis of the logging of the VPN environment;– delete all existing VPN accounts and recreate usernames with strong passwords;– consider implementing two-factor authentication for users. Read more about this here: alert-for-vpn vulnerabilities